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About Midwest Surplus Equipment

    We specialize in the advertising and sale of surplus and distressed assets from k-12 schools, colleges and other municipalities.  A lot of the time these organizations will let their surplus assets sit idle. While they are doing this they are quickly depreciating in value.  When these assets are designated as surplus, an administrator is given the job of disposing these assets to make room for new assets. A good portion of this surplus has not reached the end of its usable life. Currently, there are few venues where schools and other municipalities can find sufficient value in their retired goods. We provide a service where we sell these assets at the absolute highest price, returning greater profits to your organization. 


 Midwest Surplus Equipment provides a model designed to eliminate the headaches associated with surplus disposal. On behalf of our clients, Midwest Surplus Equipment manages the auction process from start-to-finish, in compliance with complex legal Education Code that allows education institutions to sell their surplus in a public auction environment. eBay provides an ideal marketplace.